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Partnership Updates

News and Notices of Interest to Partnership Members

We want to keep our members informed of events, regulations and zoning changes and community issues that are timely and relevant to doing business in the District.  Please submit any notices or news items by clicking on the email link on our Contact page.

Beginning January 1, 2024, the Greater Broadway Partnership rebranded to the Tower District.  The district’s iconic, cultural legacy is being preserved and celebrated through the new branding campaign.  It sets the stage for the next chapter:   Tower District as an inclusive, creative district where people want to come, have fun and spend the day.    Physical changes are coming that will bring energy to the district: Complete Streets, Placemaking,  and New Businesses.

  • Complete Streets when done will provide more pedestrian opportunities including road diet, bike lanes, wider sidewalks.
  • Placemaking: Tower District sign activations, banners, bike racks, and utility wraps.
  • Quarterly Events featuring music, food and art; celebrating the district’s inclusive ethos. 
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