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Free Small Business Help and Guidance

The Greater Broadway District is pleased to announce that we have joined the Inclusive Economic Development Collaborative.  Through our membership, you have access to a suite of NO COST resources designed to help your business thrive, pivot, and grow despite the challenges that this year and the pandemic has presented.

Please visit the Greater Broadway District IEDC  Website ( ) and sign up.  Once you have filled out the form on the website you will be able to browse the calendar for webinars and live events as well as register for individual 1:1 coaching by some of Sacramento's best business leaders. Expert-led topics to include: 

  • Understanding COVID-19 Workplace Safety
  • Navigating How to Talk to Your Landlord About Your Lease
  • Creating a Website or Having a Stronger Online Presence
  • Business Plan Creation and/or Review
  • Development of step-by-step assistance on creating a business plan.
  • General or specialized counseling in financial management
  • Budgeting assistance and how to overcome issues of past debt
  • Assistance with understanding and preparing loan applications
  • Specialized help across a number of areas: legal issues, accounting, taxes of loans awarded

There is no charge to access the IEDC resources but they will only be available through the end of this calendar year.  Register your business now on the Greater Broadway District IEDC website and let's get you started!

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