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July 21, 2014: Uptown Studios Kicks Off Move to Bigger Headquarters 

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Story by Sonya Sorich, Staff Writer and Social Engagement Manager

Read the full story in the Sacramento Business Journal

Uptown Studios, a Sacramento visual communications firm, is relocating its headquarters to a warehouse four times the size of its current space.

During a “before” party at the new headquarters Friday, guests saw the early stages of the new 4,000-square-foot headquarters at 2415 23rd St.

The business now operates from a two-bedroom, 960-square-foot bungalow on 410 Alhambra Blvd. that has been converted into office space. When Uptown Studios moved to that space in 2007, the company had six employees. Now, it has a staff of 13.

“There are nine of us working from the office and four that work remotely,” said Tina Reynolds, principal of Uptown Studios. “I knew we were outgrowing our space when the only place left to sit was the bathroom.”

She expects to complete the move in early 2015.

Uptown Studios provides services such as graphic design, website development, video production, social media and marketing. With the move, the business will add in-house video and photography studio space, plus an audio room for voice-overs and sound editing.

“Our video production work has doubled every year since we began video in 2007,” said Reynolds. She expects other departments at Uptown Studios will expand services with the move as well.

Reynolds hopes to add “a few more (employees) to our team as we will have space to move around and grow.”

The larger headquarters also will include room for interns, ADA-compliant facilities and more space for parties and fundraising events.

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“The area needs a little pick-me-up and my creative group will be the perfect fit to get some life into that neighborhood,” she said.

Sonya Sorich is social engagement manager and a staff writer at the Sacramento Business Journal. She oversees social media activity and writes about retailing and small business.

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