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GBD Wants to Hear From You

Hello  - 


The Greater Broadway District want to hear what you think! 


We know that many people in our community have been frustrated with the lack of attention given to Broadway and we can hopefully agree that as a community seeing Broadway evolve into a safer, more lively destination for locals and tourists alike is an evolution that will benefit everyone. 


This evolution starts by understanding the community’s wants/needs/frustrations, etc as these will help inform the framework for how we define what we want the Broadway District to represent for years to come.


As a first step in what will be an important overhaul to the district, the Greater Broadway Partnership is teaming up with Colossus Mfg. to work towards creating a new look and feel for the District.   


We’re asking everyone to fill out this survey about Broadway - it takes just a few minutes - as your feedback is invaluable to this process. Thank you in advance for your support.  


We are accepting and evaluating all answers received by Friday, November 1st. 


The survey can be found here:


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