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W/X Freeway to Undergo Major Construction Work 

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Contractor: Myers & Sons Construction

2014 Project Dates

Pre-construction: Public outreach and education will occur January 23 – June. Non traffic interfering work will begin January 15, 2014 and continue through May 16.

Roadway Construction Schedule:

The project has been scheduled to occur in two stages: May 17 – June 5 and June 6 – June 25. Each stage will require full closures. No work will occur during the State Fair. Non traffic interfering work will continue through winter 2014. Further details can be found at

Description of Construction Work

Major construction is scheduled on a section of U.S. Highway 50 in Sacramento between 18th and 24th Streets, known as the W/X Viaduct. Age and heavy use have caused extensive wear and cracking. The roadbed, which was built in 1968, needs to be completely resurfaced in order to enhance safety, reduce recurring maintenance costs, and increase the life of the concrete decks.

The project broadly includes: oPlacing a 4-inch concrete deck on top of the existing deck and tying it to the girders oTreating the existing deck with a protective coating of methacrylate to glue the cracks

together and reduce potential for any future cracking oAdding steel column casings for seismic strengthening oImproved traffic operations throughout the project area


The service life of the structure decks will be extended to about 20 years, which will significantly reduce maintenance expenditures. The completed project will also provide widening at the shoulders, new joint seals, new concrete barriers and railing, standard lighting, and enhanced safety.

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