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Meeting with Councilmembers Schenirer and Valenzuela: Plans to move Camps under W/X Freeway 

As many as 300 homeless people living in rows of sidewalk tents under the elevated W-X section of Highway 50 are about to be ordered to pack up and move. Caltrans is launching a highway widening project, and the teeming tent cities between Sixth and 26th streets are directly under the construction zone.

 Caltrans and city officials are negotiating a way to get them safely relocated. But where?

Please join us Monday, April 5th at 6 PM to discuss with our Councilmembers the plans being formulated to move the people under the W/X Freeway.

You can register for the webinar using this link:

Please use this opportunity to share your thoughts with your Councilmembers.


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