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City Issues RFP to Select Complete Streets Project Plan Consultants 

May contain: vehicle, transportation, and train

The City of Sacramento has issued an RFP for the first phase of the Complete Streets Project

This Request for Proposals (RFP) solicits consultants to refine the vision for Broadway
from the Sacramento River to State Route 99 developed by the Urban Land Institute in
collaboration with the Greater Broadway Partnership to a greater level of detail for
financial analysis, funding, and implementation. The selected consultant(s) will develop
block level cost estimates, perform traffic analysis to quantify mobility benefits of plan
implementation, develop simulation modeling to aid in promotion of the plan, and
incorporate the plan components into existing long range planning documents to ensure
implementation. Funding for this project is available through State and local funds.
Federal procurement rules do not apply.

Click here for more information on what the grant that is funding the project and what it will mean to Greater Broadway.

Successful long-term implementation of this policy is intended to result in:

  • More options for people to go from one place to another
  • Less traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • More walkable communities (with healthier, more active people)
  • Fewer barriers for older adults, children, and people with disabilities.
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